Let Christ be my greatest treasure; knowing Him my greatest joy; honoring Him my greatest passion; dishonoring Him my greatest fear; trusting Him my greatest confidence; serving Him my greatest ambition. Nothing else matters.


Based in Myrtle Beach SC with his wife Tanya, Geof Kimber is originally from down under. He grew up in the same valley as Wycliffe Bible Translators’ mission base in Papua New Guinea.

Geof's life was greatly impacted by the missionaries near by, and their example led him to love the truth found in the Bible. There he began expressing his faith in song, which has opened many opportunities around the world.

While Geof's music finds him in churches and
other social functions, he plays his part in keeping others informed on events that impact our freedoms - particularly the freedom to worship.

To that end, Geof is also building an
all-in-one resource for church music organization and execution. His vision is to equip teams to serve with efficiency and excellence in accomplishing the Great Commission.

Geof relies on
gifts to keep going from folks who appreciate his work, and has recorded multiple albums, some of which are available here.  And the songs keep coming...