Latest Song: Journey of the Cross
Greetings, friends. This is a new song I just recorded (piano and vocal so far) and uploaded a lyric video of it here (other links are below). I pray God encourages you through it.
Have a listen, ponder the call, pass it on!


Verse 1
How the King of glory walked His fallen earth
Served men who in mockery would not see His worth
Marvelous that now He reigns above all kings
Shocking too that Calvary was the in-between
May I revere His story 
and know His gain through loss
And count it blessed to bring Him glory
Through this journey of the cross
Verse 2
May I give to others through the months and years
Persevere to serve them through both joy and tears
May I sacrifice and give in ways not known
But to Him who died and bought me for His own
O Christ my hope and confidence
Give strength to run the race
And in my every need evince
forgiveness love and grace

Words and music by Geof Kimber
© Aiyura Music Inc.
CCLI Song Id: 7234870