With songs ranging from upbeat and fun, to slow and worshipful, "Holy" is a continued effort to produce songs that are melodic and thought-provoking. The songs are reminders of God's character, contemplations of the redemption He gives us in Christ, and expressions of thanksgiving and surrender. Musically speaking, the album is all acoustic, utilizing piano, acoustic guitars (steel and nylon string), drums, percussion, upright bass.

Lord Make Us One

"Lord Make Us One" contains numerous compositions I've used in leading corporate worship, with backing vocals by members of the Carolina Forest music team. Favorites include Take My Life, I Love You, Celebrate, Always Love You, Lord Make Us One, and an extra one - Snap Snap Snap (a children's action song).

Jesus the Lamb of God

A contemplative album, "Jesus The Lamb Of God" is a worshipful collection of songs; some for the worship leader, and some for the congregation. As with other albums, these are all originals: Give Me Jesus, You're All I Need, Jesus The Lamb Of God, Holy Holy Holy, Hunger For Holiness, Faithful To Follow You, I Give My Life, That I Could Call You Father.

All to Jesus

Many of the songs on "All To Jesus" were written while taking a sabbatical at a friend's beach house in New Zealand, and was given to everyone on our mailing list that year.
This is an album of 10 prayer songs including Holy Spirit Come, Let The Words Of My Mouth, Send A Revival, Trust In The Name, I Want To Know Jesus.

Christ Alone

Eleven songs born out of trying times, "Christ Alone" is a declarative album of confidence in Christ alone for salvation, the need for forgiveness, and of sharing our faith with others. Songs include God Knows, Oh Lord Forgive Them, Too Many People, But To Do Justly, Hold Me Close, One Way To Win, Till My Father Calls Me Home.

I Do Declare

Recorded when we first entered into full time ministry, I'm told "I Do Declare" is a favorite among those who've known us a while. It contains 12 songs including Wise Men (Still Seek Him), Fairy Tales (on evolution/creation), Ear Ear (an acapella action song), Man With A Loving Heart, Some People, Whole Heart, Build A New Life In Me.

Thankful Christmas

The title track to  the "Thankful Christmas" album is an original I wrote for my wife, Tanya. Written on Christmas eve, I stayed up all night that year to record it as a present.
The remaining songs are arrangements of traditional Christmas songs, with a few extra sections I wrote added in.