Always in Control
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Verse 1:
We are worn from the wind and storm
And discerning truth from lies
Yet from this day hence we have confidence
that our faith in Him will rise
Yesterday we know as today
And tomorrow, still the same
We can trust Him yet for we don't forget
the Almighty is His name

By His grace we always stood
Say the saints as they grow old
We never knock on wood for He's always good
And He's always in control

Verse 2:
As we grow we have come to know
in His holy ways we thrive
He is never late and will orchestrate
every detail of our lives
To His end, even evil men
only play into His hand
Even facing death, we will yet confess
On His promises we stand

Sometimes we trip and fall over our laces
That's when we learn again how great His grace is 
By His great mercy we have been forgiven
As we look to Him who took our sin

Verse 3:
So we look to the One whose book
teaches all we need to know
And if we lived then til a thousand ten
We would still have need to grow
Yet by grace we can seek the face
of the One in glorious light
Til we've run the race and with all the saints
We will see our faith made sight

CCLI Song # 7227880
Words and music by Geof Kimber
© Aiyura Music Inc.